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Why study cyber security?

In the last two decades, as digital adoption has spread across the world and radically transformed how organisations, governments and citizens interact, securing cyberspace has become a global, multi-billion dollar challenge. Cyber attacks have grown exponentially in frequency, complexity and sophistication, disrupting business, costing billions in damage, and sowing deep distrust. The problem continues to accelerate. As more business is conducted online and processes are automated, the more vulnerable organisations are to attack.

Businesses and leading executives, however, are looking beyond fear to create a competitive cyber strategy.

The Oxford Cyber Security for Business Leaders Programme prepares leaders from all industries for the increasingly complex future of cyber security. Participants will gain a full understanding of the challenges and potential of cyber, along with the frameworks and vocabulary enabling them to make strategic decisions to help secure their organisation’s cyber-resilient future.

Over six modules, participants will access key ideas, principles and frameworks from thought leaders and academic instructors. Participants will learn how to build a cyber security strategy based on growth and trust, creating competitive advantage for their organisation.

Designed specifically for working executives, the programme design incorporates cognitive and neuroscience research to help busy professionals learn faster and more efficiently, and uses next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance the collaborative learning experience and build rapport among programme participants.

What you will learn

The Oxford Cyber Security for Business Leaders Programme examines cyber security from a proactive viewpoint, educating participants on cyber security’s risks and benefits. The programme explores cyber from the basics of cyber hygiene to advanced concepts and applications.

In particular, the programme will cover:


  • The foundations of cyber security, digital privacy, data governance, and more, and how they impact the way society and businesses operate
  • Multiparty computation (MPC), personal privacy using distributed ledger, biometrics and other cutting-edge topics
  • New software architecture to gather insights without exposing data
  • New business opportunities and models that are emerging in the cyber future and how to apply them
  • How to harness cyber security as a growth strategy
  • How cybersecurity can be utilised in a positive way that builds trust in the system and gives consumers confidence
  • How new channels can be designed and built with security and privacy as a competitive differentiator

Participants will form teams to discuss and reflect on class material, and engage in cyber defence simulations to better understand practical application of theoretical concepts. They will obtain guidance from programme instructors and tutors, including discussions and webinars outside of core videos and exercises.

Is the programme right for you?

You will benefit from the programme if you:


  • Are a business leader, executive, or director in a private or public sector organisation who wants deeper insight and practical knowledge to employ cyber security for both short and long-term business strategies
  • Interact with consumer data, and/or are responsible for compliance with data privacy regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
  • Are intellectually curious and motivated
  • Are either transitioning to a new job, or are considering a career move in which strong cyber strategy skills would be useful
  • Want to learn alongside and build a professional network with like-minded executives whose titles include:
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Programme Manager
  • Managing Director
  • Digital Innovation Officer
  • Senior Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Vice President
  • Project Manager
  • Digital Product Director
  • Compliance Officer

Key programme objectives: LEAP

Learn frameworks for effective strategies to create a cyber resilient business model that builds trust in the system.

Examine cyber security from the basics of cyber hygiene to advanced topics and its risks and opportunities.

Access a network of world-class academics, industry experts, and peers to collaborate and develop ideas, and to put theory into practice.

Procure a certificate of attendance from Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

Programme curriculum

The curriculum surveys cyber, from the basics of cyber hygiene to advanced and adjacent topics. Participants will gain an understanding of a new software architecture to gather insights without exposing data. New business opportunities are emerging in the cyber future and students will understand how to apply them.

Course content

MODULE 1: Cyber Foundations I

Examine current cyber trends and learn the basics of keeping your business safe in the digital world. Analyse recent cyber attacks and explore mitigation options as part of a team. Begin identifying cyber challenges with an innovative, consumer-centric mindset.

MODULE 2: Cyber Foundations II

Build skills to reimagine your business in a rapidly changing world. Gain an understanding of core cyber concepts such as identity, verification, access, biometrics, trust, and security by design. Analyse new threats.

Team activity: as part of your team, explore ways to outthink the competition and address cyber challenges in creative ways.

MODULE 3: Advanced Cyber Concepts

Dive deeper into the challenging issues of digital privacy, data governance, and the self-sovereignty of data. Explore new business opportunities in the data-driven world, and shift your mindset towards the cyber future.

Team activity: exercise collaboration and leadership skills as your team responds to a simulated cyber attack.

MODULE 4: Responsible Innovation I: Self-Sovereignty and Identity

Confront cyber issues with complex technical and social implications, such as net neutrality, cyber inclusion, digital identity, and AI. Learn about cutting-edge developments around tokenising access and biometric identity solutions.

Team activity: refine your team’s proposed venture with a staged innovation plan.

MODULE 5: Responsible Innovation II: Cyber Ethics and Impact 

Explore the ethical dimensions of the new cyber world, and how to innovate responsibly for the benefit of all. Exercise persuasive skills to position your cyber venture for positive future impact.

Team activity: apply all you’ve learned with your team in a second, more complex, cyber attack simulation.

MODULE 6: Cyber Opportunity

Complete the programme to create a safer, fairer, and more profitable cyber future.

Team finale: discuss your team’s venture proposal and share insights with industry experts.

"How can disruptive technologies like AI, biometrics, big data, and blockchain establish themselves positively? Along the way, what can be done to ensure that we carry consumers with us on our journey and advance trust in innovation? We need to address not only the risks, but also the potential for good."

David Shrier, Programme Director, Oxford Cyber Security for Business Leaders Programme

Who You'll Learn From

Our programme faculty brings together thought leaders from the University of Oxford with industry experts and successful entrepreneurs, to facilitate the rapid application of theory to practice.

David Shrier

Programme Director, Oxford Fintech
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

David Shrier is a globally recognized authority on financial innovation, and has dual academic appointments at MIT and Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. In addition to Oxford Cyber Security for Business Leaders, he created and leads the Oxford Fintech and Oxford Blockchain Strategy programmes. David advises corporations and governments on innovation and applications of technologies such as AI, blockchain, big data, and cyber security systems. His books include New Solutions for Cybersecurity, Trusted Data, and Basic Blockchain.

Programme Instructor
[Bio text]

Programme Instructor
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Programme Instructor
[Bio text]

Who you will learn from

Our programme faculty brings together thought leaders from the University of Oxford with industry experts, to facilitate the rapid application of theory to practice.

David Shrier

Programme Director,

Associate Fellow,

Saïd Business School,

University of Oxford

David Shrier is a globally recognised authority on technology-driven innovation, a serial entrepreneur, corporate innovator, and author. In addition to publishing New Solutions for Cybersecurity (MIT Press, 2018), David ran a biometrics software company and created the online programme Oxford Cyber Security for Business Leaders, developed with Mastercard.

David recently counselled the Commonwealth of Nations on fintech and innovation policy, the Government of Dubai on blockchain and digital identity; the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), on blockchain policy and standards; and the European Commission on commercialising digital innovation. David has cofounded four AI-enabled MIT spinouts.

Guest experts

Ajay Bhalla

President, Cyber & Intelligence Solutions, Mastercard Executive in Residence,
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Koral Anderson
Group Chief Security Officer, Deutsche Bank

Tal Bar Or

Founding partner and CEO of OCTOPUS

Henri Arslanian
Global Crypto Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers

A Certificate from a Top-Tier University

Upon successful completion of the course, you will earn a certificate from the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

What our learners say

The story telling components of the program are things I can put to use right away. ”

- Mark Weisman, SVP, Cyber and Product Intelligence, Mastercard

A good balance of technical capability as to the risk and opportunity of technology. ”

- Paul Trueman, SVP, Product Advancement, Mastercard

A mandatory curriculum for any business leaders making technological decisions. ”

- Jiri Kram, CTO, Vokl Corporation

The concepts around challenging the mindset made this an informative eye-opening learning journey. ”

- Bal Heire, Head of IT Operations, JTL

Our group collaboration was superb and in many ways extremely enjoyable. ”

- Adrian Amer, Barrister-at-Law

The programme was of significant value as we have been faced with many of the challenges addressed. ”

- Dylan Waddle, COO, M3t Financial Services

The programme structure was excellent, and facilitated engagement with other students. ”

- Adi Ben-Ari, Founder & CEO, Applied Blockchain

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