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6-Week Health Venture Course From MIT

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Sept 14, 2022




Sept 14, 2022



Sept 14, 2022

Sept 20, 2022

6 weeks

$2,800 $2,650



What's included?

  • A special community discounted course price of $2,650

  •  Collaboration with C-suite speakers, experts and colleagues to develop a global peer-to-peer network
  •  A distinguished professional profile differentiated by a Certificate of Completion issued by MIT School of Architecture + Planning

Leading Health Tech Innovation

Discover the path to successful digital health innovation.

Healthcare data can revolutionize how we think of every part of the healthcare ecosystem. Once the domain of niche consumer products like Jawbone and Fitbit, digital health is now disrupting the healthcare industry by creating new value using wearables and patient engagement data.

 Investments in corporate innovation and start-ups are outpacing previous years as investors and healthcare companies expect innovation to come from areas such as data interoperability, mental health and personalized care. According to Global Market Insights Inc., the worldwide digital health market is projected to hit $504.4B by 2025.

In light of this opportunity, the Leading Health Tech Innovation course was developed to provide a comprehensive guide to structuring a successful health tech product, service, or venture.

This course is not just for entrepreneurs or those who join start-ups in the Health Tech space. It is also for those inventing new products and services within medium and large Healthcare companies looking to embrace the transformative power of AI-wearables and machine learning. The concepts of successful entrepreneurship accelerate impact, learning, improvement, and validation for corporate innovation groups, internal venture teams, and R&D researchers.

The Learning Journey

An overview of the course, the next-generation AI platform used to deliver it, and the community of fellow AI innovators and leaders.

Explore the concepts of AI-wearables, health data and health tech of a venture and how they transform the health industry.Participants learn:

• What a health venture is by identifying prominent examples

• Key health venture principles and processes

• Current developments in health care and predictions for future trends

Make the connection between innovation and technology aspects of a patient’s health and their data ventures:

• Discover how AI and Big Data play an essential role in a product, service or venture’s creation and lifecycle

Discuss key principles and processes that will help forge the path to a successful health tech product, service or venture:

• Follow a business model and review case studies that explore the innovation process

• Assess and respond to hurdles through lectures and case studies

• Design and create a resilient venture or business plan

Engage in a high-level introduction to the venture capital investment process including alternative funding sources:

• Learn what to expect when seeking funding for a venture

• Understand the cost implications of innovation

• Consider the role of venture capital in supporting innovation

Explore the mission value of a health tech product, service or venture and key considerations for determining whether it will follow an FDA approval track:

• Gain new perspectives from case studies outlining alternative paths to a venture

• Learn about the world’s alternatives to the FDA

Data has been the beginning of many great products, services or ventures in health tech. In this module, learners will:

• Explore the importance of data mining

• Analyze challenges and ethical concerns

• Learn best practices for using and monetizing data

Is the course for you?

You will benefit from the Leading Health Tech Innovation course if you are a:

  • Field Researcher

  • Health Tech Entrepreneur
  • Healthcare Innovators
  • Venture Architect
  • Engineer
  • Coder
  • MBA, EMBA, MD, MPH or PhD
  • Healthcare professional

Who you will learn from

Rosalind Picard, Faculty Director

Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
Co-Director, Advancing Wellbeing Initiative
Faculty Chair, MIT Mind+Hand+Heart

Prof. Rosalind Picard, Sc.D., is an MIT professor, inventor, author, and entrepreneur. Her team’s inventions have been twice named to "top ten" lists, including the New York Times Magazine's Best Ideas of 2006 for their Social Cue Reader, used in autism, and 2011's Popular Science Top Ten Inventions for a Mirror that Monitors Vital Signs. Her book, Affective Computing, helped launch the field by that name, giving computers (including software agents, robots, and interactive games) the skills of emotional intelligence.

She is one of the top two most-cited researchers in Digital Health and directs research at the MIT Media Lab on Affective Computing, especially focused on creating solutions to help people who are not flourishing or at risk of not flourishing. She teaches classes such as Affective Computing and Ethics, and AI for Good Mental Health. Picard’s inventions have led to AI-based advances in psychiatry and neurology, including the first smartwatch (commercialized by Empatica, sold as “Embrace”) cleared by FDA for monitoring and alerting to seizures, and wearable devices used by thousands of researchers globally for collecting medical data used in clinical trials and patient-focused research.

Picard has co-founded two successful businesses, Affectiva and Empatica. Empatica recently created a new AI wearable, in use in studies by the US Health and Human Services, for warning of a likely viral respiratory infection. She has a TEDx talk viewed by nearly two million people, and has received a variety of recognitions including one of the highest honors for an engineer, election to the National Academy.

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