Cambridge Judge Business School

Regulation Technology and Compliance in Finance

Become a certified business leader in regulatory technology and financial risk management.

  • Enable a comprehensive conceptual framework for compliance and supervisory operations
  • Build, socialise and oversee a roadmap for implementing advanced technologies in compliance, compliance oversight and supervision
  • Distinguish between regulatory change challenges best addressed at the firm-level or industry-level and to scope industry-level solutions
  • Evaluate project proposals in compliance automation and anticipate resource and organisational impact

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Time Commitment:
6 Weeks, 7 - 10 hours per week

Collaborative Online Learning

Coming Fall 2021

Why study RegTech: Regulation Technology and Compliance in Finance

RegTech (regulatory technology) is a distinct innovative regulatory initiative which focuses on monitoring and enforcing compliance against relevant regulations. RegTech can support a more responsible delivery of innovative financial services, directly impacting financial inclusion. It can also allow regulators to swiftly respond to market developments, better protect consumers, and enhance institutional supervision.

By exploring regulatory RegTech through the perspective of regulators and industry, this programme is designed to prepare you to succeed in the complex Compliance, Risk Management and RegTech landscape. Using the latest industry trends and developments, participants will gain the understanding and skills to effectively manage current and incoming obligations, implement Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, and engage with the regulatory community to co-create the future of regulation. No previous experience is required.

How You Will Learn

Regulation Technology and Compliance in Finance is an online programme built specifically for busy executives. The programme design incorporates cognitive and neuroscience research to help professionals learn faster and more efficiently through the use of AI to enhance the collaborative learning experience and build rapport among programme participants.

What you will gain

  • Proof of knowledge though the prestigious Certificate of Completion issued by the Cambridge Judge Business School
  • A powerful professional network from building connections with a global cohort of leaders, influencers and programme participants
  • Coveted industry knowledge from market-driven curriculum designed and delivered to the standard of an elite academic institution
  • Acquisition and retention of new skills supported by an AI-driven learning platform, individual and team-based programming, and individual success coaching
  • A career-accelerating toolkit to accelerate as a future-forward leader comprised of frameworks, strategies and methodologies

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