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About Esme Learning Solutions

Esme Learning Solutions was founded in 2019 by digital learning pioneers Beth Porter (edX, Pearson) and David Shrier (Oxford, MIT). Synthesising their professional and academic experience, they continually strive to advance online learning utilising the most advanced technologies and the latest research in cognitive science and neuroscience.

Press Coverage

Forbes, 17 August 2020

Six Edtech Businesses Leading The Way During Lockdown

Amid the global coronavirus pandemic, record amounts of investment have flowed into the digital education market, with forecasts suggesting the sector will near double in value to $325bn by 2025.

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The Telegraph, 06 July 2020

The importance of cybersecurity as we navigate the pandemic

With more people than ever before working remotely, it is crucial that businesses ensure their employees are using secure systems and staying alert to potential cyberthreats.

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Raconteur, 22 June 2020

Innovating in a remote environment

If remote working is to become the new norm, where does it leave innovation and the diversity of thought that drives it?

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Tech for Good, 18 June 2020

Online Learning, Redefined

As top-tier university lecturers and startup innovators, David Shrier and Beth Porter are highly regarded in the edtech world. Their present ambition is to reinvent online learning by combining cognitive science with sophisticated technologies.

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MSN, 24 May 2020

Where to invest after the crisis: Meet the 'futurists' who forecast what happens next - where does that mean you should invest

As we emerge tentatively from lockdown, it is difficult to know what the future will look like and which businesses will thrive. So who better to ask than futurists, the experts who make it their business to try to find out?

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