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Meet Our Founders
Beth Porter
Co-founder, President, Chief Operating Officer
Beth Porter is co-founder of Esme Learning and founder and CEO of Riff Analytics. A former VP at Pearson Education and edX, Beth’s highly sought-after expertise stems from a deep passion for education and desire to provide the highest quality tech-enabled learning experiences. Beth has led pioneering research and developed products that transform online teaching and learning, including driving the Open edX initiative at edX and architecting the original Texas OnCourse program. Her engagements in higher education include researcher and lecturer at the MIT Media Lab and Boston University Questrom School of Business.
David Shrier
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
"David is a globally recognized thought leader in technology and educational innovation, serial entrepreneur, and author. The portfolio of digital classes he created for MIT and University of Oxford have engaged more than 15,000 innovators in over 150 countries, and revolutionized the model for university short-course offerings. He is a Professor of Practice (AI and Innovation) with Imperial College Business School, where he directs the Translational AI Lab (TRAIL). David has published six books in the past six years focused on technology disruption, the three most recent of which were published by MIT Press or Little Brown. His latest book, Augmenting Your Career: How to Win at Work in the Age of AI was published by Little Brown in 2021."
Our Mission
Esme Learning supports individual executives, universities, and corporations to deliver leading technology and the latest business trends that enable learners to transform their careers, launch new ventures and improve business acumen.
About Esme
Esme Learning Solutions, formed in 2019 by digital learning pioneers Beth Porter (edX, Pearson) and David Shrier (Oxford, MIT, Imperial College Business School), delivers career-transforming online executive education in partnership with leading universities. Esme Learning is reinventing remote learning by leveraging AI-enabled tools and years of peer-reviewed cognitive and neuroscience research to deliver an immersive and highly applied collaborative learning experience