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Career transforming executive education

Delivering high impact AI-enabled online learning

Esme Learning supports individual executives, universities, and corporations to deliver leading technology and the latest business trends that enable learners to transform their careers, launch new ventures and improve business acumen.


Leading universities, such as the University of Oxford, partner with Esme Learning to bring high quality, innovative collaborative online courses to market sooner. And, by offering the Esme Learning portfolio of courses to their key executives, corporations feel confident about their teams' ability to manage the impacts of digital transformation.

Combining learning science with cognitive Artificial Intelligence technology keeps students on track and focused on the material that will help them get ahead in their career. Presenting leading academics and industry leaders through superior content production keeps students engaged and involved. Our experienced team of learning design, production and technology professionals deliver high standards that reflect the standards one would expect from innovative, elite academic institutions.

The Esme Learning approach

Engaging, research-backed, collaborative and easy

Collaborative AI-enhanced learning

We teach executives as they work - in cross functional teams. Learners participate in interactive simulations and team projects which reinforce applied learning and enhance collaboration and complex problem solving skills.

Our cognitive artificial intelligence enabled coach improves learning communication skills and builds team effectiveness.  

In our Oxford Cyber Security Programme students participate in a live cyber attack simulation where each team member assumes a specific role within a fictitious organization that has been victim of a cyber breach.

Science and research-based

The Esme Learning Approach provides a dynamic digital scaffold that uses varied pedagogy, and lessons from cognitive and neuroscience, to maximize each learning experience.

A recent study, funded by the National Science Foundation, proved that the Esme Learning Approach delivers 30-35% improvement on metrics such as grades and retention and our completion rate of courses is typically over 90% against the industry average of 3-5%.

State of the art production

We've assembled a world class team of production executives and instructional designers. They take content from some of the world's top business and academic minds and reformat it into a natively digital environment.

The quality difference is superior to most other online learning experience and results in higher learner engagement.

Easy and efficient

The easy to use design of our online interface and interactive content modules use best practice around cognitive load and multi-media variation.

We make it efficient for students to take our courses in a user-friendly learning environment. Features such as searchable text in the video player and downloadable transcripts ensure our courses are suitable for the on-the-go professional.

Esme learner benefits

Our courses are designed to help students in the following ways:




  • Personalized support is at the core of our learner experience. A personal success coach helps learners define their goals and keeps them on track.

Cognitive A.I.



  • Improves your communication effectiveness and builds team cohesiveness and understanding .

Collaborative Applied Learning


  • Build long-lasting connections with your learning team as you work together on live interactive simulations and group projects.

Access to Top



  • Learn from the most current thought leaders and academics on the most pressing business topics impacting your career today.

World Class



  • Receive a certificate from a globally recognizable university which will add immediate value to your professional profile.

Network of



  • Esme Learning’s lifelong approach to supporting your innovation journey connects you to a global network of innovators who, like you, are transforming industries.

Leadership team

Esme Learning is founded by educators and technologists who have a deep passion for education and desire to provide the highest quality tech-enabled learning experiences.

Beth Porter

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Beth Porter is the Co-Founder of Esme Learning Solutions and Founder & CEO of Riff Analytics. A former VP at Pearson Education and edX, Beth’s highly sought-after expertise stems from a deep passion for education and desire to provide the highest quality tech-enabled learning experiences. Beth has led pioneering research and developed products that transform online teaching and learning, including driving the Open edX initiative at edX and architecting the original Texas OnCourse program. Her engagements in higher education include researcher and lecturer at the MIT Media Lab and Boston University Questrom School of Business.

David Shrier, Managing Director, Esme Learning Solutions

David Shrier

Co-Founder and Managing Director

David is a globally recognized thought leader in technology and educational innovation. The portfolio of digital classes he created for MIT and University of Oxford have engaged more than 15,000 innovators in over 140 countries, and revolutionized the model for university short-course offerings. He is an Associate Fellow with Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and a Lecturer with the MIT Media Lab. David has published five books in the past five years focused on technology disruption, the three most recent of which with MIT Press or Little Brown.

Michaek Block, Board Director, Esme Learning Solutions

Michael Block

Board Director

Ranjani Parthasarathy, VP of Digital Marketing, Esme Learning Solutions

Ranjani Parthasarathy

VP of Digital Marketing

James Donald, Head of Production, Esme Learning Solutions

James Donald

Head of Production

Julia Henderson, Vice President of Course Operations, Esme Learning Solutions

Julia Henderson

VP of Course Operations

Mark Hoeber, VP of Curriculum Development, Esme Learning Solutions

Mark Hoeber

VP of Curriculum Development

Alfie Van Der Zwan, VP of Strategic Development, Esme Learning Solutions

Alfie Van Der Zwan

VP of Strategic Development

Maren Cattonar, VP Business Development, Esme Learning Solutions

Maren Cattonar

VP Business Development

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