Luxury Business Strategies in the Digital Ecosystem

Develop ethical brands, products and processes for today’s consumers

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The Metaverse and Beyond: Extended Reality for Innovators

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Time Commitment:
6 Weeks, 7-10 hours per week

Collaborative Online Learning


Why Study Modern Luxury Brand Management?

In recent years, the business of luxury has undergone dramatic changes. Traditionally centered on exclusivity and scarcity, modern luxury is about accessibility and sustainability – and it happens online. Socially-conscious, tech-savvy Gen Zers are most responsible for this shift, but 52% of all people in the US – and 72% of millennial parents – now say that their brands should have values that align with their own. Customers are luxury brands’ biggest shareholders, and understanding their new priorities – and implementing the tech to reach them – is critical for business success.

In this course, you will learn the actionable skills and strategic frameworks to capitalize on the unique demands of today’s – and tomorrow’s – luxury consumers. To keep pace in a sector where 80% of sales are digitally influenced, you’ll need to create personalized digital brand experiences and manage them across design, marketing and merchandizing. You’ll also learn how to provide clear and detailed information about your processes and products, so that you can win the trust of ethically-minded customers and create continuous business value.

Is This Programme Right for You?

This course is for corporate innovators – marketing, product and brand managers and strategists – who want to create resilient luxury brands by getting ahead of digital disruption and rapidly-evolving consumer behaviors. Entrepreneurs who want to learn the fundamentals of designing, marketing and growing luxury brands for the new wave of modern consumers also stand to benefit from the course.

What You Will Learn

  • Luxury habits of Generation Z and Alpha consumers
  • Luxury branding and creativity in the rapidly-evolving digital era
  • Strategies for resilience
  • Purpose driven branding
  • Sustainability and supply chains
  • Luxury Marketing: Effective Marketing Mix for success
  • Luxury retailing and merchandising

Future dates for this programme are to be confirmed.

The Esme Way

Collaborative AI-enhanced learning

We teach executives as they work — in cross-functional teams. Learners participate in interactive simulations and team projects which reinforce applied learning and enhance collaboration and complex problem-solving skills. If you are looking for an individually-paced programme, this programme is not for you.