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Fintech Community of Israel members receive a 10% programme cost reduction for the Oxford AI in Fintech and Open Banking Programme


February 1, 2023

Registration closes February 7, 2023



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6 Weeks






7-10 hours per week, online, collaborative learning

Orientation starts:26 May 2021
Length:6 weeks
Registration closes:2 June 2021
Effort:7-10 hours per week, collaborative online learning
Certificate issued by:Saïd Business School,
University of Oxford

What’s Included?

The Fintech Community of Israel is invited to register for the Oxford AI in Fintech and Open Banking Programme, presented by Saïd Business School, University of Oxford in collaboration with Esme Learning. The upcoming presentation of the programme starts January 19, 2022 and new presentations are available each quarter. As a part of this offer, learners will receive 10% off the programme.


Offer details*

  • 10% discount on registration fees to learn and accelerate your career
  • Collaboration with guest speakers, experts and programme participants from around the world to develop your network
  • A professional profile enhanced by a certificate of attendance from Saïd Business School, University of Oxford


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About the Oxford AI in Fintech and Open Banking Programme

Big data powered by AI is dramatically reshaping the global financial services industry, and Open Banking promises to transform it further still. As Open Banking expands across the globe, the unleashing of data will open up new market opportunities with the potential to radically transform the industry, creating new winners, losers, rewards and challenges.

Programme Content

MODULE 0 - Orientation

An overview of the programme, the next-generation AI-platforms used to deliver it, and an introduction to your international cohort members.

MODULE 1 - Introduction to AI and Data Basics

How AI is unlocking new financial services products, why data-based decision making transforms industries and the ethical challenges that arise from AI and ML.

MODULE 2 - Open Banking and the Data Revolution

Open Banking’s impact on the industry, the regulations it faces and how it’s creating competition for incumbents and opportunities for newcomers.

MODULE 3 - AI in Incumbent Banks and The Opportunities for New Entrants

An analysis of how incumbent banks can transform themselves through AI and the opportunities and challenges that new fintech entrants are presenting.

MODULE 4 - Platforms as Key Market Players

The rise of big tech platforms as key market players in finance and how they’re disrupting the financial sector with data.

MODULE 5 - AI Opportunities, Pitfalls, and Ethics

An examination of the ethical issues surrounding data, including discrimination, privacy, competition and legal challenges.

MODULE 6 - Open Data, AI Strategy, and The Future

What does the future of data mean for the financial services industry? Understanding the evolving nature of AI and how to create feasible strategies.

Why invest in this programme?

Key benefits of the Oxford AI in Fintech and Open Banking Programme include:


  • Career advancement: The certificate of attendance from Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, adds immediate value to your professional profile
  • Elite network: Our programme will significantly expand your professional community
    Top credentials: Our curriculum is designed and delivered by world-leading academics and innovators
  • Efficient learning journey: Accelerated learning outcomes are supported by next-generational digital platforms and support from personal success coaches
  • Success you can count on: Our programme combines AI-enabled technologies, research and a collaborative peer-based environment to achieve a programme completion rate that exceeds industry average by over 90%*
  • Investment flexibility: We offer multiple payment options to help ensure our programme is affordable and accessible

Who You Will Learn From

Pinar Ozcan
Programme Director
Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Pinar Ozcan specialises in entrepreneurship and strategy in technology markets. Her current research includes open banking, AI ventures, and digital platforms.

In 2018, Pinar received the Strategic Management Society Research in Organisations Award for her work on the disruption in the banking sector in partnership with Swift Institute. She was recently selected to the global Thinkers 50 list for emerging thinkers with the potential to make lasting contributions to management theory and practice. In 2019, she was chosen as a British Academy Mid-Career Fellow for her work on the disruption of banking in Europe and the UK.

Martin Schmalz
Programme Director
Associate Professor of Finance, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Martin is a tenured Associate Professor of Finance at Saïd Business School, where he currently teaches an elective for Oxford’s MBAs, MFEs, and MLFs on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Finance. Martin's research expertise includes entrepreneurship, corporate finance and governance, behavioural finance and asset pricing, and various studies of the asset management industry.

Martin has co-authored the book, The Business of Big Data: How to Create Lasting Value in the Age of AI and contributed to a range of global publications. Martin’s research on how the ownership structure of firms affects firm behaviour and market outcomes has affected policy-making and antitrust enforcement worldwide.

Guest Speakers

Leon Muis

Non-Executive Director,
Chief Business Officer, Yolt

Iain Niblock
CEO at Money Dashboard

Paula Cipierre

EU Data Protection Lead, Palantir Technologies

Simone Koo

Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Team Credit & Finance

Sergio Álvarez Teleña

Founding Board Member, SciTheWorld, Himitsu Tech
Founding Board Member, Quantum Mads

Michael Salmony

Executive Advisor, equensWorldline SE

Ian Pollari

Global Co-leader, KPMG Fintech practice
KPMG International

Yu Liu (Rita)

CCO of Mode(LSE:MODE) , Ex CEO of Alipay(UK)

Barry West

Head of Emerging Technology at Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)

Steve Bradford

Co-Founder & CCO, OpenWrks Group

Stuart Ward

Director of Industry Strategy, Financial Services, Salesforce

Jessica McDonald

Senior Manager, Financial Services SMB, Salesforce

Alexandra Mysak

Director of Financial Services, Databricks

Thomas Hellmann

DP World Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Yasin Rosowsky

CO-CEO, Arabesque AI

Bill Roberts

Head of Open Banking, Competition and Markets Authority

Ajay Bhalla

President, Cyber and Intelligence Solutions, Mastercard

Cristina Caffarra

Senior Consultant, European Competition, Charles River Associates

Gina Neff

Professor of Technology & Society, Oxford Internet Institute and the Department of Sociology at the University of Oxford

Gavin Littlejohn

Director and Non-Executive Chairman, FDATA Global

Ajay Agrawal

Geoffrey Taber Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Michael King

Associate Professor and Lansdowne Chair in Finance, Gustavson School of Business, Univ of Victoria

Chee Wai Ho

Country Head, Singapore & Vice President of Neobank & Cards Strategy, Nium

Alan Walsh

Director of Partnership & Ecosystems; Duedil

Paul Lucas


Karen Smith


Max Flötotto

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

Maria Axente

Responsible AI Lead, PwC Frontier Lab

Dr. David Heike

Managing Director, Head of Risk Modeling, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Husayn Kassai

Co-Founder and Advisor, Onfido

David Roi Hardoon

Senior Advisor for Data and AI to the Union Bank of the Philippines

Felipe Thomaz

Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Oxford

Nir Vulkan

Associate Professor of Business Economics, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

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