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AI Leadership

Transform your business by leading an AI revolution.

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Time Commitment:
6 Weeks, 7 - 10 hours per week

Collaborative Online Learning

February 15, 2023

Why study AI Leadership?

Throughout this course, participants reflect on the leaders they are, the leaders they could be, the tools they can use to create an organization of learning and innovation and the resources available to plan for the future.

Connecting Leadership and Artificial Intelligence (AI), managers, directors and CEOs will learn how AI technology can amplify current leadership practices to improve individual, team and organizational leadership capabilities.

In this six-week online course, leaders will gain new leadership capabilities to improve the ability of their teams to innovate and succeed, and to help their organizations act with agility and purpose.


Who is this course for?

  • Executives and business leaders eager to learn how to leverage AI to improve their teams.
  • Managers and directors with revenue, operational or technology responsibilities.
  • Entrepreneurs looking to lead successful ventures.

Harness AI as a leadership tool for creating innovative systems and organizations:

  • Learn essential leadership and AI concepts
  • Apply AI tools to leadership processes
  • Improve leadership capabilities using AI tools
  • Assess and evaluate current leadership mindset, teams' ability to innovate and reinvent in a changing world, and organizational ability to respond to change
  • Envision and plan the future by architecting your organization at all levels - individual, teams and system-wide

The Esme Way

Collaborative AI-enhanced learning

We teach executives as they work - in cross-functional teams. Learners participate in interactive simulations and team projects which reinforce applied learning and enhance collaboration and complex problem solving skills. If you are looking for an individually-paced course, this course is not for you.

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