6-Week Health Innovation Course For Business Leaders

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October 12, 2022



October 12, 2022

October 19, 2022

6 weeks, 7-10 hours per week, collaborative online learning


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Discover the path to success.


In our six-week, online intensive course, MIT faculty director Rosalind Picard and world-renowned guest speakers in the health venture and digital health innovation space will provide a comprehensive roadmap of how to:

  • Navigate the health tech venture and innovation space
  • Understand and apply the transformative power of mobile collected data and AI
  • Create a successful health tech product, service or venture

Why study Leading Health Tech Innovation?


Healthcare data can revolutionize how we think of every part of the healthcare ecosystem. Once the domain of niche consumer products like Jawbone and Fitbit, digital health is now a category disruption that is transforming the healthcare industry by creating new value using wearables and patient engagement data.


Investments in corporate innovation and start-ups is set to outpace previous years as investors and healthcare companies expect innovation to come from areas such as data interoperability, mental health and personalized care. According to Global Market Insights Inc., the worldwide digital health market is projected to hit $504.4B by 2025.


In light of this opportunity, the Leading Health Tech Innovation course was developed to provide a comprehensive guide to structuring a successful health tech product, service, or venture.


This course is not just for entrepreneurs or those who join start-ups in the Health Tech space. It is also for those inventing new products and services within medium and large Healthcare companies looking to embrace the transformative power of AI-wearables and machine learning. The concepts of successful entrepreneurship accelerate impact, learning, improvement, and validation for corporate innovation groups, internal venture teams, and R&D researchers.

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