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Launching HealthTech Innovation

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Course starts

October 12, 2022

Registration closes October, 19 2022



Payment options


Course starts

October 12, 2022

Registration closes October 19, 2022




Payment Options

  • Length:
    6 weeks


  • Language:


  • Effort:
    7-10 hours per week, online collaborative learning


  • Faculty directors:
    Rosalind Picard

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About the course

Digital health is disrupting the healthcare industry by creating new value using wearables and patient engagement data.


According to Global Market Insights Inc., the worldwide digital health market is projected to hit $504.4B by 2025.


This course was developed to provide a comprehensive guide to structuring a successful health tech product, service or venture.


It will prepare entrepreneurs, innovators and health executives to leverage the transformative power of AI-wearables and machine learning.

Who is this course for?

  • Entrepreneurs and startups in the health tech space who want to commercialize their ideas
  • Innovators who want to create user-centric healthcare solutions using AI and machine learning


  • Professionals and executives who want to utilize cutting-edge technologies to drive efficiency and growth in their healthcare practice

Increase in telehealth use from the pre-COVID-19 baseline

Of medical imaging processes will use AI to detect diseases and guide treatment by 2026

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On completing the course, you will gain a prestigious certificate of attendance from the MIT School of Architecture and Planning.

Program Benefits

What you will gain

  • Current, essential knowledge designed and delivered in partnership with elite academic and industry leaders.
  • Career-transforming skills through frameworks, strategies and methodologies to help you succeed with your health venture.
  • Increased professional credibility from a certificate of attendance issued by a globally recognized university.
  • A powerful professional network built on connections with an international network of experts, influencers and e-lumni.

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Companies we’ve worked with

Our learners are professionals from prestigious companies from across the world. In the past, we have worked with companies like NASA, Boeing, MasterCard, Salesforce, HSBC and many more.

The course has provided a better view of the health tech industry regarding medical devices. This course influenced my creation of a mobile-first website that will become an FDA regulated business called STRK.


Jun Murphy



Course Content

Module 1

Explore the concepts of AI-wearables, health data and health tech and how they transform the health industry.

Module 2

Make the connection between innovation and technology aspects of a patient’s health and their data.

Module 3

Discuss key principles and processes that will help forge the path to a successful health tech product, service or venture.

Module 4

Engage in a high-level introduction to the venture capital investment process, including alternative funding sources.

Module 5

Explore the mission value of a health tech product, service or venture and key considerations for determining whether it will follow an FDA approval track.

Module 6

Data has been the beginning of many great products, services or ventures in health tech — explore data mining, analytics and ethical concerns.

Faculty Director

Rosalind Picard

Faculty Director

Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
Co-Director, Advancing Wellbeing Initiative Faculty Chair, MIT Mind+Hand+Heart

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    The next presentation of this course starts on 22 January 2022.
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