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General FAQs

Esme Learning is a solutions provider that has contracted with Oxford to bring next-generation digital technology to bear on this programme. You can see on the Saïd Business School website. Here is the press release on the website: https://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/news/university-oxford-and-mastercard-collaborate-equip-senior-leaders-vital-cyber-skills

The passing score for Saïd Business School University of Oxford programmes is 50%. Receiving a passing score entitles you to a certificate of achievement and a blockchain-backed digital badge from the University of Oxford. 

It's a non-credit bearing certificate. It's only for professional development. However as mentioned, it does carry the university association which speaks volumes as we hold ourselves to a very high standard of education. In some cases, individual schools may choose to evaluate our syllabus and provide credit, or advanced placement, based on the curriculum, effort, and contact hours.

The passing score for Saïd Business School University of Oxford programmes is 50%. In the case you don't pass, you will not receive a certificate or a badge, but you may take the programme again at a later date to attempt to reach a passing score again. We offer a 10% discount to those attempting to retake a programme. Please email oxfordprogrammes@esmelearning.com to find out how to receive your discount.

You only need your computer, internet access with Firefox/Chrome for Riff (not Internet Explorer) and Adobe PDF reader. We will send you your login details for the site and in the first week of the programme we will do a virtual orientation to familiarise yourself with the site and to meet your peers.

Enrolled learners have access to Success Coaches via the Riff chat platform, a dedicated email address, and a dedicated phone number. Success Coaches will respond within 12 business hours, but often much sooner than that. For content questions, learners have access to subject matter experts (Tutors) via chat and pre-scheduled office hours for the duration of the programme. Post-programme, a support team will answer e-lumni questions via dedicated email address.

Our general approach in an academic learning environment is that if it is sensitive, don't share it. You will have seen that in our terms and conditions we have included a clause for IP protection. You can choose to work in a team with only your colleagues from your company, or you can opt to work alone once the programme starts. However, we cannot guarantee secrecy and if you have something top-secret, we would suggest that you don’t disclose it in a public forum like an online class.

It is the policy of Esme Learning that if instructors have a vested interest in any product, instrument, device or material that may be used in the programme materials, they must disclose this interest. Further, this interest will be disclosed to learners.

Oxford Cyber Security for Business Leaders

The typical profile of participants are mid-senior level executives and management with 10-20 years' professional experience in their fields from around the globe. Entrepreneurs and founders do also take the course. The participants typically come from a diverse background in terms of sectors and roles. One of the highlights of these programmes tends to be the rich collaboration within the classes and groups, as well as the relationships and global network established in the process.

You still can get value from this programme, because it’s designed to help you think also about the business implications and ethical risks associated with cyber. It is not a technical course, and will not contribute to CISSP or a similar certification. It is an executive leadership programme. So for example, if you are thinking about starting a new cyber venture, this may be the perfect opportunity for you. I also have no doubt that your experience would be valuable to your peers on the programme.

This is a common concern that comes up a lot. You are not alone in feeling this way! This programme is enhanced by the diversity of the participants. I have no doubt that your skills, background and perspective will add greatly to your group work and you will get a lot out of it too. Well done on taking the step to study again and keep learning! You will also have the tutor team and success team there to help you with any issues or challenges you may experience.

Oxford Cyber Security for Business Leaders separates itself from other online courses in its accreditation and approach. It is one of very few online programmes connected with a top university, and it has the only partnership with Oxford in this area of study. In addition, most other online certificate programmes are focused on just the technical professional. Oxford Cyber Security for Business Leaders, however, is focused on the business professional, by improving their cyber competency, and the technical professional, by preparing them for business opportunities in cyber.

60 hours is the upper limit of the amount of time you will spend across the 7-week course (including the 1-week orientation). About 15-20% of this time will be spent on team-oriented activities.

Do you still have more questions?

Please email us on oxfordprogrammes@esmelearning.com or schedule an appointment to speak with one of our programme advisors here.