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Career transforming online executive education
Delivering high impact AI-enabled online learning
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Who We Are
A better way to learn
We combine learning science with AI-enabled technologies, keeping students on track and focused. We support individual executives, universities, and corporations to deliver leading technology and the latest business trends that enable learners to transform their careers, launch new ventures and improve business acumen.
Who We Work With
University Partnerships
Leading universities partner with Esme Learning to develop and deliver high quality, innovative online courses at pace with market demand.
How We Do It
The Esme Learning Approach
Engaging, research-backed and collaborative
Collaborative AI Learning
We teach executives as they work - in cross functional teams. Learners participate in interactive simulations and team projects which reinforce applied learning and enhance collaboration and complex problem solving skills.
Science and research based
The Esme Learning Approach provides a dynamic digital scaffold that uses varied pedagogy, and lessons from cognitive and neuroscience, to maximize each learning experience.
State of the art production
We've assembled a world class team of course production professionals, instructional designers, and multimedia experts. Through our unique collaborative design process, the Esme team works side-by-side with some of the world's top business and academic minds to render their ideas in natively digital experiences.
We make it efficient for students to take our courses in a user-friendly learning environment. Features such as searchable text in the video player and downloadable transcripts ensure our courses are suitable for the on-the-go professional.
Maximize Your Potential
Esme Learner Benefits
Our courses are designed to help students in the following ways:
Personalized support
A personal success coach that will help define your goals and keep you on track.
AI-enabled team feedback
Improves your communication skills and team effectiveness.
Collaborative learning
Build long-lasting connections with your learning team.
Access to top experts
Learn from the most current thought leaders and academics on the most pressing business topics impacting your career.
World class certification
Receive a certificate from a globally recognizable university which will add immediate value to your professional profile.
Network of innovators
Esme Learning’s lifelong approach to supporting your innovation journey connects you to a global network of innovators.
Meet The Team
The Leadership Team
Esme Learning is founded by educators and technologists who have a deep passion for education and desire to provide the highest quality tech-enabled learning experiences.
Beth Porter
Co-Founder & CEO
David Shrier
Co-founder & Chairman of the Board
Mike Wilson
Daniel Marote
Reuben Oswald
VP of Business Affairs
Bonnie Rind
VP of Engineering
Ruth Berry
VP of Curriculum and Production
Mariah Sheridan
VP of Business Development
Michael Block
Board Director
Esme Learning Solutions Singapore PTE. Ltd.
Chia Hock Lai
Kevin Pang
Join Our Team
Esme Learning is hiring
We are looking for smart, curious and skilled team members who have a good sense of humour and strong work ethic to help us drive the next generation of online learning.
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