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To the Metaverse! It's Time for Game-Based Learning to Grow Up

by Esme Learning

Learning is a catalyst for workplace transformation, how industry vanguards keep their employees moving along the steep digital transformation curve. But, most professional development and workplace learning experiences feel prescriptive and uninspired, different from the disruptive technologies they are meant to address. 

Serious games, not gamification — are increasingly used as K12 teaching tools because they work! Games have increased participation, fostered SEL (social and emotional learning), improved attitudes toward learning, and motivated learners to take risks. Immersive game environments, like Minecraft, add new layers of interactivity, exploration, and inspiration. 3D worlds enable novel skill building, safe opportunities to take risks, and new modes of interaction to improve remote collaboration; when combined with Web3 concepts, such as tokenization and decentralization, new ways of teaching and learning emerge. It's time for game-based learning to grow up.


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